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Dependent Baptist Churches

4/11/2011 by Archie Norman
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Almost 15 years ago our church was very small and a number of visitors would attend and tell me why we did not seem like an Independent Baptist Church because of our lack of standards in dress or music or … Anyway, I finally decided at that time to make it official by branding us as a “Dependent Baptist Church” and writing the following principles for our fellowship. After watching the 20/20 special on Friday night I was reminded why I am glad to be “dependent” instead of “independent.” While I realize that there are many solid Independent Baptist Churches that do not have abusive, dictatorial, or controlling leadership, I am afraid that the perception is given through many in the movement that such type of leadership is healthy and acceptable. As for me, I am content just to be in my little “dependent” fellowship.

Sometimes it is difficult to clearly define a church with a label. Henry Baptist Church has chosen the label of being a dependent Baptist church.

1. Totally dependent on Jesus Christ to direct our congregation as Head of the church.
2. Totally dependent on the Bible to reveal God’s plan for our congregation.
3. Totally dependent on the Holy Spirit to empower the ministry and witness of the church.
4. Totally dependent on God’s power to change lives and produce eternal results.
5. Totally dependent on preaching as God’s method of building a strong work.
6. Totally dependent on the principles of God’s word as truth that is an anchor for the soul.
7. Totally dependent on God to provide our financial needs through God’s people.

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